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:::one night in august…live:::


Recorded on Friday night, August 8, 2003 at the Victorian Veranda in Skippack, PA.

Each Friday night in the summer of 2003 I played at the Victorian Veranda, a small coffee/dessert

restaurant in the beautiful town of Skippack. This recording was taken off of a

digital video with an audio feed from the soundboard. Its all live, no overdubs, pretty simple. Just me,

my guitar (my Taylor 810), my friend Patrick’s Larrivee L-09 and my harmonica.


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one – for a wandering friend

two – never to be told

three – intro to…

four – mountain story*

five – at the window*

six – you know I want you to*

seven – back again

eight – intro to…

nine – so high*

ten – woods song

eleven – peter’s song*

twelve – fear*

thirteen – intro to…

fourteen – reminds me (of you)

fifteen – full moon October*

sixteen – weight of desire*

seventeen – intro to…

eighteen – under the rain

nineteen – asking for more*

twenty – deep as desire*

twenty-one – tell her


* previously unreleased