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Reminds Me (of You)

written by Benjamin Coy
(c) 1998 benjamin coy

It seems all too familiar the way things were today
bothered by some sin or happenstance from yesterday
Rolling through my mind are all the things I have to do
But I’m waiting anyway for that promised call from you

It was only four days ago when we waved goodbye
We were standing in your driveway both with tear-dimmed eyes
You looked around to make sure that no one else was there
I kissed your lips and let my fingers glide through your smooth, damp hair

It was raining that morning just like the day before
Rivers they were flooding as precipitation poured
Now just an earshot away from my room
A stream runs, it sounds like rain and reminds me of you

David on the stereo, your picture on my desk
I kind of pick along, it puts my mind at rest
In my mind you’re staring at or pulling at my heart
Although it seems a thousand miles keep us far apart

Writing down these last few words of this song
I recall I read to you the first few lines as I went along
Lyrics tend to hold their own redemptive attributes
Subtle comments, pictures, the poetry of you

I’ve said my share of stupid things, considerably odd
I been fighting, trying to tear off an old facade
God, you know its hard to come to grips with what to do
But looking at the love at the end, reminds me of you