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Love Slip By

written by Benjamin Coy
(c) 1998 benjamin coy

Morning after morning as I try
to peel my eyes open
yellow globe, sends splinters
through the clouds

Jump down out of comfort after
shutting off annoyance of a
blistering reminder of the time

Will it be just like the day before
Will I feel the pressure time’s turning wheels
There’s barely room to say I love you
Loosing sight at what’s standing at the end
(Need some kind of fire to purify the land)

Run around the room a couple times
saying hi to everybody
casual conversation never really hits the mark

If you see me there, I
really want to know you
want to love you like a brother or a sister
to take the time

I’m not satisfied with letting love slip by me
once again
I can’t live under a rock and be
shaded from the light that’s giving life
Let it, swallow me

Seasons come and seasons change
Air getting warmer
But I’m left here lying in one
repeating phrase

I’m asking for the salt please
my world is loosing it’s taste
God I need some grace to sharpen me

Letting go is always something
harder than you think it ever has to be
giving up what you’ve done for such a long, long
time, is slipping by and love falls right through your hands
and you don’t really know it ‘till it far, far gone
la la la la.....