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written by Benjamin Coy

(c) 1998 Benjamin Coy

Once upon a time I was sure of everything set before me
Confidence, a rock inside my mind
Time goes by and winds whip through to tear apart the boundaries I had set
Confidence, a treasure hard to find

The more I look around me inconsistency is living out its life
arguments shoot back and forth
The best conversation, on the worst situation its a joy
in my life, more and more

And for now I just wait
silence falls now its late
the mystery behind what I believe
still keeps me awake

So if I walk another way
its a mystery I’d say
there’s a grace that picks me up
when confidence has gone away

Time weathers down me, glassy surfaces of rain pouring on me
running down my veins
Life is joy, life is sorrow I can’t wait to see tomorrow
certainty, is always hard to feign

But I can’t give up this time
If I seek, You say I’ll find
Broken promises I’ve made
These You know I cannot hide

Could today, could tonight
show a different slant of light
It takes time, I know, but I will climb
to a greater height

Eyes of love staring down to me
Capture me within my world
Pull me out Lord, set me free
Hands like the arms of whom I love
wrap around me, sheltering
build Your confidence in me

When I sleep at night the moon shines
bright upon me like the promise
that You will carry me
Make my soul a window, Lord
Create in me the man you want to see
Build Your confidence in me

Build Your confidence in me...