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the latest news...

:::May 16, 2006::: Yes, a year later! A bit has happend, more songs have been written, an occupational change, and a new ministry.

Some friends of mine and I have started a ministry for young adults/college folks called "The Well"::: I've been leading worship for the youth group at the Surfside PCA church for about a year and a half and started leading at The Well this past January. Starting on Memorial Day, we're expecting a couple hundred folks from Campus Outreach::: Should be alot of fun. I get to work with some really incredible musicians from the coastal area - and we seem to be creating a real organic folk-rocky sound. I'm not sure if the music will make it on the webcasts (downloadable) but perhaps from time to time I'll see that the originals get on it. You can catch them here and look for the 6:30 services.

See you all soon...

:::May 17, 2005::: Well, its been a little while, but we're all settled in Myrtle Beach and enjoying it - the short winter, the long spring and fall, and the really hot summer - I suppose that could be a little cooler. The music is going well - a bit slow, but there are always new songs and new places. There's a little coffeehouse in town called Divine Coffeehouse where I've played and hope to play again soon.

And in recording news, I've done a version of the Vigilantes of Love song "Offer" for a tribute project. If you'd like to hear it, here you go::: Offer.mp3::: Go to this address to find more songs by other people involved - there are some really good tracks::: VOL-Forum::: That's it for now. Come back soon - more to come - Ben

:::September 17, 2003 New dates have been added...two shows upcoming in Columbia, SC at Jammin' Java!

:::August 17,2003 One Night in August...Live is now available!:::Recorded live on 8.8.03 on the last night of my shows at the Victorian Veranda, "One Night in August" is a collection of 17 songs (10 new!) performed - as always - with just the acoustic and a harmonica now and then. Like before, the cd's contain all original songs and artwork - this time my own photographs and designs and come in slim jewel cases. But don't let that fool you. The inserts have all the lyrics to the new songs and all the other info I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seats to know... Anyway, $10 plus shipping will get it sent right to your front door (or mailbox). Hope you enjoy!

Visit the Contact page to order via Paypal.

:::August 8, 2003 - Well, I'm back in PA, but the move to South Carolina is complete! Not only that, but tonight is the last night I'll be playing a full set in Skippack, PA at the Victorian Veranda. My friend Brad will be running sound as well as recording the audio and video for a cd release in the near future! Keep checking back to the website for availability. Hope to see you there tonight!

Visit the Dates page for more info: directions, links, etc...

:::June 2, 2003 - This Friday Night will be the first of "The Last Stand in Summer" performances at the Victorian Veranda. Each Friday from 7-9 pm, I'll be peforming in the village of Skippack, PA. Old songs, new songs, coffee, ice get the idea. It'll be a three month stand and then its off to South Carolina! Call it new beginnings. Let's see what happens...

Visit the Dates page for more info: directions, links, etc...

:::May 16, 2003- This Sunday Morning! 10-11am (approx) at the Deleware Mennonite Church: Ben Coy and Oliver Gingrich!!! We haven't played a full set together since 2000 - so, we'll be having some fun and playin' all the ol' favorites. Check out the dates page for details and directions!

:::May 8, 2003- Back after a long hiatus...If you remember (or read below) I'll be playing each Friday night this summer at the Victorian Veranda in Skippack, PA. The sets will be about 2 hours from 7-9. If you've never been to Skippack, its a beautiful town - lots of shops and restaraunts. I'll be playing lots of new material and perhaps as the summer goes on I'll have a few demo discs for sale as well. See you then! ps. Check the dates page for details, directions, etc...

:::March 7, 2003 - It's now official. I'll be headlining just about each Friday night from June through the beginning of September at the Victorian Veranda in Skippack, PA. Check back soon for more details.

:::February 20, 2003- New Site Updates!!! - Aside from the general look, both the EP and Acoustic Demos can be purchased via Paypal! Visit the Contact page for more info.