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- I started taking interest in the guitar while in my 7th grade music class. We weren't permitted to use picks and learned to strum out songs like "Blowin' in the Wind", and "Blow the Man Down". Once in awhile we would be distracted by one or two who happened to have instruments at home and figured out parts to songs by the Doors or Cream. Needless to say, any outbreaks of such music in the classroom was abruptly silenced.

- Around 9th or 10th grade, like all young aspiring musicians I joined a rock band. Just shy of being 'hair-farmers' (none of us had the hair or enough hairspray and makeup) I soon found myself playing arena rock with my shiny new Epiphone Sheraton II, and an old Fender LaBrea acoustic for those tender ballads. Not a moment too soon, the band went its separate ways. However the bassist and I formed a new 3 piece after aquiring a drummer. We called ourselves 'the Sign' and played mostly all originals of which we were quite proud. I bought a Fender Strat and we were playing something like jangly garage/surf rock.

- By the time I got to college I had begun to focus more on acoustic music (especially with the rules against playing electrics in the dorms). My roommate Wil Couch was (and is) a tremendous bass player and guitarist. We soon found ourselves in a musical outfit sponsored by the school. We traveled around in the summer of 1997 playing at various summer camps and events. After that endeavor we stole the drummer, found another guitarist (Oliver Gingrich) and formed what became 'The Commons'.

- 'The Commons' played almost entirely original material which I wrote, usually two nights before we had to play it live. It was all acoustic-based and came out something like Toad the Wet Sprocket meets King's X. (We did play a cover of King's X's "Groove Machine" which a bit of a stretch but it was well-received).

- After Mike the drummer graduated, we were still being asked to play at on-campus coffeehouses and events. We didn't find another drummer, so Oliver Gingrich and I began playing all-acoustic shows. I had my Taylor 810 by this point in time and Oliver obtained a Taylor 414 (there's nothing quite like them). Again, we were doing original material interspersed with Simon and Garfunkel impersonations. Out of these shows came the EP disc. Jesse Sprinkle, a friend of a friend heard us and offered his services.

- Once Oliver and I graduated, the music slowed down for awhile. Both of us got married and found places to live: I in south east PA and Oliver in State College, PA. We did however regroup to play a coffeehouse with "A Dog Named David" in Lititz, PA (near the Lancaster Airport).

- In October, I had the opportunity to play a show with Claire Holley at a Borders Books and Music in Wynnewood, PA.

- Since then, I've received an endorsment with John Pearse strings and am playing here and there.