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Music - Top 10 most influential albums

(at least for now)


- I've listened to music all of my life. From the time I was born my parents had it playing on the stereo. I remember the sounds of Herbie Mann, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Pat Metheney, and many others floating through the car or the house. If I were to list every piece of music that inspired or affected me, the names would run for miles. So instead of that, I'll merely limit myself to the greatest ten. Perhaps this will change over time. I'm sure it will. But for now... (and in only alphabetical order - its bad enough that I had to pick 10)

the list...

The Choir Circle Slide  
Bruce Cockburn The Charity of Night  
Harrod and Funck Harrod and Funck  
Michael Hedges Aerial Boundaries  
Phil Keaggy Beyond Nature  
Pat Metheney Still Life Talking  
Simon and Garfunkle Greatest Hits  
Vigilantes of Love Blister Soul  
Wilco A.M.  
David Wilcox Home Again